Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mother, daughter share their mom skills with young patients


Want another Mother's Day gift? Here you go...........You know that warm fuzzy feeling you get when you see something oh so sweet & meaningful? Well, I love that feeling and I found it in this story. It just reminds me that there are still people that care about the "least of these"....and you know what?....Jesus sees! Please check it out and pass on the "warm-fuzzy"
Mother, daughter share their mom skills with young patients (click)

To the women in this video, Joyce Martin & Diane Tillman, I adore you for your service and commitment to such a cause. You have brought a sense of love, family & friendship to so many children...Keep up the good work and God bless you.

Mother, daughter share their mom skills with young patients (click)

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Mother's Day Gift for Grandma

Every year on Mother's Day, my kids love to do a lil' sumthin-sumthin for grandma. In our family's eyes, she is a "Super Woman" and is the glue that holds us together, which makes her very deserving of a gift from the kiddo's on Mother's Day! This year I came up with this easy & fun project that will make Grandma smile for years to come. Enjoy!

Note: This project can also be used for mom, aunts, etc.

OK, gather these items first:
1. Brightly colored card stock (make sure to include green for stems)
2. White card stock
3. A pencil & markers
4. pieces of twine or yarn (I heart twine) cut long enough to make a bow (one for each bouquet)
5. Glue (liquid is better with glitter)
6. Glitter (I used silver, but you can use an color you have on hand)
7. The poem...It's the best part...don't forget it!

This is how I put it together....First I drew a tulip on a piece of card stock & cut it out. Then used that tulip to trace all the other tulips onto different card stock colors (I have 4 kids in my homeschool so I had to make LOTS of tulip heads!)
Once you've traced them all, you can cut them out or have the kids do it themselves!
I Love the bright colors! (sorry the pic is dim...let me know if you need a better example)

Now you need some stems for those gorgeous Tulips, So grab your green card stock and just start cutting stripes...the kiddos can do this too. P.S. they don't have to be perfect, but the easiest way is to cut horizontally so they won't be too long hang off your white card stock sheet

Now Lay out your white card stock vertically and glue JUST THE TOP HALF of the stems onto it. Once you have your stems in place set out your tulip heads & glue them any way you like em'.

Take about a 7 inch piece of twine and tie the bottom of the stems together & make a bow (like tying a shoe). Place a dime size glue-glob onto the knot of the tie (twine is known for coming loose, this will keep it sturdy longer).

 Next, trace the tulips with the glue & sprinkle glitter all over until satisfied. Lastly, top it off with the cutest poem with colorful markers that will make the heart smile!

And to all my "Teacher Momma's"....HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!!!!!!!!!!!