Monday, January 21, 2013

Laundry and Toys and Brownies OH MY!

   I mean, take one look at this picture and immediately see yourself somehow. And she only has one kid LOL!
    Okay, okay....allow me to rewind and restart this post... uuh-umm (I was clearing my throat).

     Homeschooling is NO easy task and on some days it seems down right impossible (it's sounding better already). You're not only a teacher you are also a wife, a maid, a doctor, a top-chef, a rocking chair, a jungle-gym, a wet nurse, a financial adviser, a blogger, an assistant, a story teller, but wiper and your lips have automatic healing potion in them. And I'm pretty sure you could add plenty more to this list!

     I'm here to tell ya' that you're not alone hunnie! It's seriously OK not to "have it all together". I mean, what's "have it all together" mean anyhow? The norm for your neighbors goings on is probably different from yours, so No Worries! In REALITY, it's never been about that. It's about doing what fits your family....period!
  I can go on and on......and on, about how to "properly" get things done, but my "properly" get things done may just work for me and mine! You may obtain some great ideas to try from friends (or me), but don't get down in the dumps if it doesn't work with you guys!
  Us Teacher Momma's are naturally very busy and not one day is like the other and sometimes we have that "burn-out" feeling. And this my dearies is what we ALL have in common! So, how do we prevent the "burn-outs"? Well.....ya' can't. They come unexpectedly and for some reason everything MUST happen right then and there".
    The best thing to do when you feel the "burn-outs" coming on is to say NO! It's not necessary to answer every call/text as you are cooking/nursing/ironing etc. It's OK to allow laundry to wait because you are tired (trust me, I thought I was gonna die too, but look...I'm still alive). It's OK to decide NOT to have school if you have a migraine. It's OK to do absolutely NOTHING while the kids are napping. It's OK to NOT plan meals....maaaaaan, that felt great!!!!!
     This is a great example of how I look at things in my homeschool house and ya' know what? It works for me. And I can care less about pretending that "I have it all together", because in my eyes, I do! I know what works in order for me to work (did you catch that one....that was good lol).

     I think it's important to be "real" when sharing our homeschool/homemaker experiences. You never know who's searching for normal people like us. How do you handle your "burn-out" moments?


Friday, January 18, 2013

Monday, January 7, 2013

The Relaxing Bath I Almost Had

    The scene was perfect! The kids were playing, the dog was asleep and my dear hubby was making dinner happen. Today was the first day back to the kitchen table for school since the holidays and momma was exhausted! I felt like I'd ran a marathon and won....then collapsed. So, since everyone was being so very perfect, I decided to sneak off and take a nice.....relaxing.....bubble bath! I sooooo deserved it. So, I start the bath and close the door (because I want the steam to overtake the bathroom...sauna like). I gather my things from the bedroom and I even grab my "good" lotion. You know the one that is kinda expensive and you smell it every now and then (and maybe a squirt on the hands) cuz' ya' just don't wanna run out? Yeah, that one.
    Anywho ~ I do one last check to make sure this whole bath idea will not get tossed to next-never and to my surprise,everyone is still perfect!  "Yes", I say to myself...So, I mosey on over to the bathroom with all my stuff, shut the door and put my ear to the door.......the scene was still perfect. So, I get in and lay back...Ahhhhhhhhhhh. FIVE MINUTES LATER  (you didn't think I got to relax did you?) The dog starts whining, the kids (all of a sudden) start playing louder, my dear hubby barges in the bathroom asking how long the pizza should cook.....REALLY!!!
         What on earth was I thinking.....A nice relaxing bath.......hum. Must just be for normal people.

Sunday, January 6, 2013

I Will Survive

Mindless Monday...."I Will Survive"
I Found this very funny video and because most of us homeschoolers are headed back to the kitchen table after this LONG holiday break, I thought I'd help us all put a little pep in our step.