Monday, January 7, 2013

The Relaxing Bath I Almost Had

    The scene was perfect! The kids were playing, the dog was asleep and my dear hubby was making dinner happen. Today was the first day back to the kitchen table for school since the holidays and momma was exhausted! I felt like I'd ran a marathon and won....then collapsed. So, since everyone was being so very perfect, I decided to sneak off and take a nice.....relaxing.....bubble bath! I sooooo deserved it. So, I start the bath and close the door (because I want the steam to overtake the bathroom...sauna like). I gather my things from the bedroom and I even grab my "good" lotion. You know the one that is kinda expensive and you smell it every now and then (and maybe a squirt on the hands) cuz' ya' just don't wanna run out? Yeah, that one.
    Anywho ~ I do one last check to make sure this whole bath idea will not get tossed to next-never and to my surprise,everyone is still perfect!  "Yes", I say to myself...So, I mosey on over to the bathroom with all my stuff, shut the door and put my ear to the door.......the scene was still perfect. So, I get in and lay back...Ahhhhhhhhhhh. FIVE MINUTES LATER  (you didn't think I got to relax did you?) The dog starts whining, the kids (all of a sudden) start playing louder, my dear hubby barges in the bathroom asking how long the pizza should cook.....REALLY!!!
         What on earth was I thinking.....A nice relaxing bath.......hum. Must just be for normal people.

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