Friday, July 20, 2012

REVIEW: We Choose Virtues

            I can remember a time when character development was a part of the curriculum in every school. A time when virtues were just as important as reading. Nowadays, character development in the classroom is hard to come by and short lived. Being a homeschooling  parent, watching this world fall by the wayside & far away from God's word is very disturbing. We Choose Virtues has not only given me hope but, also comfort in knowing that there are still people, homeschoolers & educators that are taking a reliable approach to bring character building back to the forefront of education.
   Just a few months ago, I woke up way to early and immediately turned to my third best (just in case  you're wondering....the first is Jesus & the second is the hubby). As the day went on, I became overwhelmed with Laundry (it does too begin with a capitol was a big deal that should have seen the mountain!). I finally went to check the mail and there it was....My We Choose Virtues package! I was so excited that I riped it open (carefully of course...but fast). It was like a new toy. I began hanging my Virtue posters, studying the flash cards and began planning! "I was given gold" I thought. This program was blowing my mind with the wealth of information and fun tools I was given. I am honored to be able to review such a wonderful program.
    I know, I want to know who won the giveaway right? Ok, but before I tell you, I want to tell you how much fun I had with We Choose Virtues.

   My kids love new things, but when I caught them looking at the flash cards (that I left on the table), they didn't look happy at all. One  of my sons, gave me that not so pleased look and said, "really mom?". He thought it was a punishment! For about two weeks, my younger two have....not been so nice to each other and the oldest has been kind of pushy. After reading my We Choose Virtues Teacher's Handbook, I decided to introduce the cards in a different way. I was the only one holding the cards and we played "Who Am I". I read the back of each card and they had to figure out what virtue I was talking about. Each time a virtue was correctly guessed, I gave him/her a  piece of Skittles candy. We had a blast! Take a look at these awesome looking cards!
  (front of the card)
 (back of the card)

Oh how cute the Virtue Characters are! Each Virtue has a character with a cute name. The Virtue Character above is "Piggy Bank Frank". He's being so Patient saving up for something special. I don't know if you noticed, but there is a Scripture for EACH virtue!!!! Which means your kid can not argue you down about the virtue, because it's in the Bible and it's really God's rules (joking, yet serious).
  Although this program was built for early childhood education, It can be used for ALL levels....don't believe me? Take a look

   On the left is my sister giving my 20 year old niece a "I Am Perseverant" (with the Virtue Character "Penny Jenny") coloring sheet and flash card for the coloring contest and flash card games. As you can tell by my sister's facial expression, my niece has not been the most "sticking to it" person.

Here's another example

Now, this young man  is my 13 year old nephew (don't let the height fool you....he's 13) and his Virtue Character is "Cake Jake" stating "I Am Content". get the picture. Yeah, the actual characters are young, but the message they carry will build great character in everyone, even Me!

My kids had their share too... Introducing Angela with "Gerbil Jill", Jamil Jr. With "Oboe Joe" & Josiah with "Chuck and Duck" (no worries you will get to know our Virtue friends in no time)
           " I Am Gentle"

"I Am Obedient"
                                                                                                                                "I Am Diligent"
There was a lesson to be learned, but we sure had fun learning it!

I was also given a chart and some cute butterfly stickers. Each time anyone in the and dad too...practiced good character without being told, we placed a sticker by the virtue completed. We are still working to fill our ENTIRE chart....It's called 100 Days Of Virtue. There is a caterpillar on each space and when we succeed we bloom into a beautiful butterfly (well it's actually a butterfly sticker placed over the caterpillar...we bloomed....cute right! 
                                                                                                                   Butterfly bound!

I the midst of reviewing We Choose Virtues, we were moving ( yet again :/ ), but we were were still able to play the recomended games and practice our virtues whereever we were. My daughter just wishes she could have a "Gerbil Jill" doll.....Not a bad idea right! They would be great collectibles...and cute reminders of how God would have us to be just like Him!
I hope you enjoyed my review on these AMAZING products! I am so very privilaged to have been given the chance to give my honest opinion and experience with my Teacher Momma friends. Get your kit TODAY! Click the animated picture at the top of this review and then visit

Thank you all for made me smile :)

1st place winner: LAURA
2n place winner: LATOYNA

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