Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Little Troubles

Hey peeps! I know you've probably been wandering where I've been. Is she hiding under a rock? Nah. Has she left her blog to rot? Nah. Has she been so tied up with little troubles that it's been hard for her to focus? BINGO!

It all started with my oldest sister.She's come across a rough patch in life causing my every waking (and sometimes sleeping) minute to praying for God's will in her situation. I tell you the truth, that girl is strong "like bull" and when life handed her lemons, she gave them to my second oldest sister, and she made lemon meringue pie, LOL.
Speaking of my second oldest sister, she suffers from Multiple Sclerosis. You would never know it just by looking at her, but the underlying issues can strike at anytime. From the lesions on her spine to the giving out of her legs and many other things, I revert to walking and sleeping prayer. Just recently she spent a few nights in the hospital. Which leads me to my niece.
My niece sent me a text (in panic form!!!!!!) saying, "I'm on my way to the hospital". As I bring myself ready to run out the door, I realize that I'm still sitting with my sister, who's still in the hospital....and it's not the same location! My niece was having contractions...."oh goodness", I thought. "I'm not omnipresent...how am I going to be at two places at one time". Here I go with the walking prayer again.
Oh, and in the midst of things, our van decided to join in on the Harlem shake wave! It was shaking and jerking....I thought the thing would take off on it's own. That issue ran us a few hundred dollars, which we didn't have to spare. Since it's the only vehicle we have, we had no choice but to get it repaired right away.

Now that all the little troubles have ceased, I've learned what it means to "pray without ceasing". And Just because it seems that I'm getting a break, there is always someone that needs to be lifted up in prayer. I may not see them all the time or even know them, but somewhere, someone is going through something. So, if you ever feel like the "little troubles" are taking over, just know that Teacher Momma is praying for you.