Friday, March 29, 2013

Homeschool Praises


We hold so close to our hearts
The cross where Jesus died
But so much more than the blood-stained cross
Is that Jesus came back to life

The stone's been rolled away
The tomb lay open and bare
They looked for Him, and then the angel said
That He is no longer here

Oh what joy they must have felt
To see Him just once more
To eat with Him, to drink with Him
To receive Him back as Lord

So much did He accomplish
Through His death upon the cross
And in His rising from the dead
He reconciled us back to God

Nothing else could bridge the gap
That sin had wrenched apart
Now we can freely go to God
And receive Christ in our hearts

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Follow Me On Facebook

Guess what guys! I have finally created a Facebook page for quick & easy blog updates and such! I know, I know, I'm kinda "quick to the slow", but hey, I got it done right! And since I JUST created the page, I have zero friends. I'ts a sad day in Teacher Momma land when you have no friends on FB. I know you guys are eager to be my friends, so click here and like my page....pretty please with sugar on top :) OH, and please share it with your friends too. You guys are awesome!

Monday, March 11, 2013

Welcome Spring

Can you believe that spring is right around the corner? It's kind of hard for me to fathom because we were blessed with 9 inches of snow last's all gone now but, Spring seems soooo far away!
I don't know about you, but it's been a LONG homeschool year so far and I have a bad case of the ""wipe-outs" and I could use a fresh I'm ready to get organized! Spring cleaning Here I come!

This is the list of projects I'm planning to attack over the next 2 weeks:

1. Swap out all heavy duty winter clothes for spring & summer stuff

2. Clean out kids toy boxes & donate rarely used ones

3. Look for any expired in kitchen cabinets & refrigerator (clean both)

4. Go through all the random school papers & throw away one's not needed

5. Vacuum mattresses & underneath beds

6. Clean baseboards & Ceiling fans

7. Donate clothes that have not been worn in over a year

8. Clean yard (leftover leaves, paper, sticks etc.)

9. Sand & re-paint porch rockers

10. Plan, plow & fertilize plots for garden

11. Plant veggies & drink lemonade :)
I'm quite sure I'll have much fun attacking all these projects. What are your plans for spring cleaning? Share please :)