Friday, November 30, 2012

DIY Worksheets For The Little Ones


  1. hi there...
    i like your!'s a 'little' hard to hear you...not sure what the situation is, maybe try taping your vids in a 'smaller' space (not sure how possible that is for ya'...) or maybe get like a microphone or something like that.

    i have a suggestion that we've been doing; well a couple:
    1)don't know why i didn't think of this sooner BUT, buy workbooks for various levels, and then take the pages out, and make photo copies of them so that you won't have to keep re-buying the same stuff...ALSO, this will come in handy for the next people in-line for that grade, as well as for those times when the 'upper-classmen' need a little refresher.

    2)in the event that you CAN'T make photo-copies, then get some spirals (like less than .60cents depending on where you go and when you buy) and just have the kiddies write their answers and such in the spirals.

    be blessed and please forgive my ratchet use of the 'i' instead of caps...i've been up off and on since like 3-4-5ish am and it's like 8:23

  2. Thank you soooooo much for the encouragement! And yes, my sound does well, suck LOL! i have found out that it's my laptop fan! My laptop needs a new battery and therefore has been running hot. So, i have another option and will be using it very tomorrow. By the way i LOVE your ideas and will be using them at my kitchen table & on the videos too :). And about your ratchet use of the "i" (by the way i cracked up when i read that), No worries, most people take it waaaaaay to seriously. So, just so you would not feel alone i have also repeatedly used "i" LOL. Thanks for sharing sweetheart. Try to get some rest tonight. God bless