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My Favorite Things About Fall (Fall Feature blogger)

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For the next two weeks, my blog will feature horseshoes-n-handgrenades, a blog by the beautiful Alison. Just few weeks ago, Alison became the lucky winner in the "September Spotlight Giveaway". She's super cool and such a sweet pea so make sure you click on her picture below and become her newest follower. Without running my mouth any longer, allow me to introduce you to the wonderful, the witty, the down to earth, Alison!

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Here's her first feature blog post! Enjoy and don't forget to show her some love.

My Five Favorite Things About Fall 
“I'm so glad I live in a world where there are Octobers." ~ L.M. Montgomery
Fall Photo
It's that time of year – schools are back in session, the weather is cooling off, and people are taking a breather before gearing up for the holiday season. Its fall…or at least fall is very quickly pushing the final lingering bits of summer hastily out the back door. Some people hate to see summer go, and I’ll admit there are parts of it that I wish would stick around a bit longer, but for the most part, I welcome fall as it encompasses the landscape, the air, and the season takes over. When someone mentions the seasons changing, the first things that jump into my mind and get me excited about this time of year are:
1. Fall Fashion – I love fall fashion! It’s still warm enough for tees and  even tanks and cardis in the day but I love hoodies, jeans, sweats, jackets, scarves, leggings, and layering. I especially love boots! Casual boots, dressy boots, flat boots, boots with heels, and cowboy boots. Fall is the season of boots so I love fall! I love fall colors…while I like glitter and glitz, I’m not a super flashy color person, and so the neutrals that go with the fall wardrobe choices I’m a total fan of. 
2. Pumpkin Everything – Pumpkin bread, pumpkin cookies, pumpkin seeds, pumpkin cheesecake, and of course pumpkin pie. I don’t think there’s a pumpkin flavored baked good that I’ve tried that I didn’t like…ever. In addition to the wonderful baked goods (and a couple extra pounds to fill out those sweaters and hoodies) there’s pumpkin spice latte’s. It doesn't get better than hot pumpkin spice latte' on a crisp fall morning on the way to work. 

3. Blankets on The Couch – I have blankets on the couch year round, but I don’t actually snuggle up in them until fall sets in. (Unless I’m sick in which case it’s no longer an enjoyable activity.) I just find something super comforting, almost therapeutic, in lounging on the couch wrapped up in a soft blanket to watch my favorite TV show on a fall evening. Add a pumpkin spice latte' or some pumpkin bread to that and you've got a happy girl on your hands!
4. Harvest - It’s not so much the actual activity of harvesting that I love, it’s the end product. I live in an agricultural community so fall means finishing harvest so we have fresh apples, corn, squash, pumpkins, and a plethora of other freshly harvested goodies available that the local farm stands. The price is right for buying in bulk to freeze for the year and those fresh pumpkins and apples are great for making all those seasonal pies and jams that are so in demand through the season. 

5. Leaves Turning – Of course there’s the universally accepted sign that fall has arrived…the turning of the leaves. Living in the Pacific Northwest we really get the full effect of the annual transformation of the plants and trees. It truly is beautiful to watch and enjoy. (Now, I don’t care so much for the perpetual raking of said leaves once they fall from the trees…but while they’re still attached they can be absolutely breathtaking.)

So, those are a few of my very favorite things about fall, what are yours and why? If you’re not a fan what is your favorite season? 


  1. I love Fall! It's one of my fav seasons. I can find pumpkin spice EVERYTHING, but my fav pumpkin spice stuff is coffee creamer, candles, muffins and apple butter....yeah, I like to get my eat on' lol. For the first time ever, I got some brown boots for the fall. I had to wean myself of of black boots...well, black everything lol. Right this second, I'm cuddled up in my chair with a blanket and coffee....watching Super Why lol Anyone have a recipe for Apple Cider?

  2. Fall is totally my fave season too - and Alison is one of my fave people :) Awesome to see her featured here!

  3. Hey.
    I like fall because I have become to 'loathe' the summer. I like just about every other season but summer...but anywho...Fall is awesome because of the vibrant colors of the leaves...the chill in the air, the pumpkins and the crunch of the leaves. Also, it's the sign that winter is coming, thus a new (and hopefully) better year.

    Also, I wanted to let you know, I had a #pregoinspiration...unrelated to FALL of was thinking that, as home-educators, we could have a 'book swipe/lending library system' that we set up on our own. For all those that homeschool, no matter what your style of homeschool, there's books that you may want but not sure about but if you check a homeschool family's website, you'll see they have books available. I have a website:

    The idea came to me today when I was straightening up the kids room. As I move further and further away from a tedious form of educating the kids, especially with another kid coming, I want to lighten the load of books we have, but look into what others may have. Z-dawg has so many things he's interested in, but C is so fickled about what she's interested in...and Yazzy...well, she's only 2 so who knows what she wants. Anywho, I'm going to be working on that today. When you get a chance, or anyone who may need the books, I say check it out!