Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Join Me In Fighting Hunger

I found this cool site that will serve as a teaching tool as well as feed the hungry! its called Free Rice! OK, so you want to know how it works right? Well, for starters it's FREE and fun! All you have to do is answer questions (in whatEVER subject you choose) and for each question you answer correctly, the site will donate free rice to a hungry family! How cool is that? And what's cooler is that you can also use this site for "Homeschool" as a resource for the current subject! There is NO money involved at all! So join me to fight hunger! I have created a group on their website so that we can accumulate LOTS of rice together! I have already donated 720 grains of rice....So what are you waiting for Let's FIGHT HUNGER!
NOTE: Once you click the link it, create an account. You will automatically receive an e-mail with a temporary password (just copy and pate it to log in). Then go to the top of the page to find the groups tab. In the search engine on the top right type in "jc" (not the entire group name) and search for "JC Christian Roots Homeschool. Click join group.

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