Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Workout Wednesday's Challenge

Ever since I began homeschooling , I was a preparation"stickler". My lesson plans were always done 2 weeks ahead of time and I rarely got off track. I adore schooling my kids, but there are times when I felt like my students were bored...and that frightened me. I never told anyone how I felt because I was already "homeschooling" and any insecurities would make me a failure (or so I thought). I began to read more and more how different families kept their kiddo's intrigued by incorporating Arts, Writing and even cooking to every subject. Some took a trip once per month to enhance their "focus topic". I must say, I was encouraged to find our "niche". Although it didn't happen overnight (kinda like a few months), it happened! I discovered that my children enjoy to teach! They love explaining things and are very attentive while doing so. Each day every child is responsible for teaching one lesson to a younger sibling. My oldest is really good with math, so he enjoys teaching his sister. My daughter adores reading, so she reads books to my 4 year old and they discuss scope & sequence and comprehension. My youngest (4 years) old also teaches....he does basic Phonics flash cards with my god-son. Teaching helps each one of them improve in their area of love or lack thereof....Child led learning! This weeks challenge is to allow your kids to teach each other and watch the magic happen! Leave a comment and let me know how it went....I can't wait to hear your stories

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