Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Homeschooling Is Abuse?

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 There comes a time in a bloggers life when she reads something that she doesn't agree with and she MUST blog about it! Well folks, that blogger would be me :) 
    Today I read something that just made my skin crawl! This person (another blogger) called homeschooling ABUSIVE! WHAT???? Are you kidding me? I know this is America the beautiful and you have a right to say what you want, but before you have an opinion GET THE FACTS STRAIGHT (I was not yelling, just had my eyes wide open)!
   This blogger wrote that homeschool prevents girls from having role models and knowing that they can become anything a man can become! Obviously, this person has been watching some cultism action, because that is NOT what homeschool is about! This person also said that the parents have control issues because the parents control every aspect of their child's life and education! Does this person sound rational to you?
   Ok, allow me make a valid point (because I have the facts). Anything can be and has been used for a bad purpose. Fire is good for cooking and other useful purposes, but some people use it to burn folks houses down! Sooooo, does that make fire bad? There are many controlled substances that people take because they are sick or are in great pain, but some abuse them. Does this make the controlled substances bad?....I think you get my point, but one more example, I promise. Sex was made to be between a man and a woman, but in today's society we have lesbianism/homosexuality. Does this very fact make sex wrong? The answer to all these questions is NO! People are going to do what they want with things because they have free will. Now, when we have children, we are really excited,we fall in love with them, we take care of them. Then we depend on America to raise them, tisk-tisk.
      We speak badly about parents that leave their children at home alone or are allowed  to disrespect their parents, so why is it so wrong for people to actually raise their children if they choose to do so? The Bible tells us to raise up our children in the way they "should" go. No where did it say, send them to public school and let someone else that has NO Godly values raise your kids and teach them worldly things! If you hate homeschoolers so much, that might have been me that just stepped on your toes, sorry.
     Of course the whole "Socialism" issue was brought up, like my kids are caged animals or something and they don't know what their fellow humans look and sound like. Really? The way the world is today, I don't even want to socialize in the public schools! But, don't get me wrong, I'm not ragging on public school, some of them are great and it works for some families (it all goes back to my examples), but for me and my house, we will homeschool!
     Oh, then the blogger goes to talk badly about HSLDA not even realizing that a lot of the issues that HSLDA fights is for ALL parents/children alike, they fight for parents rights!! We have a right to raise our children the way we choose. Do some people go overboard? YES, but that's with all things! You can't hate homeschool because some abuse it! It's not fair to those of us who work darn hard for our children to have the best education EVER in our homeschool! You need to rag on reckless parents that don't take care of their children, that don't care about their education, that only spends 15 minutes per day of quality time with them, that can care less about their relationship with Christ, that don't even know where their children are RIGHT NOW!!!......(drops mic)

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  1. If what you say is true (and I am sure it is), this person just needed something to talk about! There are so many other things in the world that is so wrong(Like Obama's thoughts about going into Syria, oops wait on my own personal soap box)! Back to the point, what about the things going on in public school systems, children being bullied by students and TEACHERS. Parents going into to the schools and threatening or even jumping on the students for messing with there kids. The clothing, music and lack of respects for the adults and there peers. I could go on and on. Some people are just looking for a response and you just have to smile and keep it stepping. You know as well as I do that what they are saying has no validity! And we are abusing our children, then we fit right in with the rest of this crazy world! lol, so this person should have no worries lol!

    Finally, brothers and sisters, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable--if anything is excellent or praiseworthy--think about such things. Philippians 4:8

    You might be the only Jesus they see, so post something nice on there blog! lol, Hey that might be my next post!

    Great Post!