Monday, December 24, 2012

Joy To The World

        Tis the season to be jolly...right? Well, then why is my heart in such agony? Tomorrow is the big day....Christmas and as I watch the news I see stories about people shopping even though the economy is in MAJOR distress. It's not the actual shopping that hurts, it's the amount of money people spend to force feed their materialistic needs (and their immediate family's materialistic needs) while there are people in need of actual NEEDS!! These are people like you and me. They have children and grandparents and husbands....but nothing else, and they watch us. They watch us as we allow one day, one season, one moment in time pass by, where we believe greed is indeed what Jesus would have us to focus on. They watch us walk pass them as they sit cold on the streets and give them a dollar, say God bless you and then walk away feeling like we did something great. In reality, we have not attended to their needs as our heavenly Father would have us to do.
      Around this time of the year, there is something in the air, something sweet & lovely almost embraceable, it's the feeling of giving without thought. We just want to give! But, why is it that we get overwhelmed with this feeling only once per year?.....aren't we children of a great & mighty God whom has indeed taught us better? Yes, we are and since we know better we should do better, how you say? Well let me say this first before I forget it (lol).....  This is an awesome feeling by the way... I mean seriously, we love every-friggin-body during the holiday season....Only we don't show them true love, the love of Jesus. The love of Jesus is not giving gifts, it's not cooking meals all night to feed your family (nothing wrong with that, just sayin') , it's not lying to your kids into thinking "santa" is coming (he's an idol by the way)...yeah, yeah, yeah...I know, it's for the kids right? Well, what did Jesus tell us to teach our children? We are to lay a foundation in the way they should go, teach them his commandments and be a living vessel for Him. The point I'm trying to get at is, that WE (that includes me and my family too) as followers of Christ and believers of His Word should always have this great giving feeling....ALWAYS. When we don't, we do Jesus ministry a disservice because we are seen as only hearers and NOT doers of the word.
       On Sunday, I sang "Joy To The World" because I know that the day Jesus was born was a joyous occasion, even though there is no actual historical birth date, but it was even better when he cleansed me from my sins. That was the greatest give of all, try giving that this holiday season...Give Jesus.

Wishing you all a dose of Jesus this season, May you increase in your patience, kindness, prayer and knowledge. May our Heavenly Father place on your hearts to share what you have and give needs out of your lack. May the Lord allow you to lead someone to Him and offer them eternal life...the greatest gift of all, one that will never rot or rust, nor thief can steal or devil destroy. Give Love, Give Jesus ~Amen~

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