Saturday, April 25, 2015

The Jokes On Me

A Season and a baby later..... BOY oh boy do I have some stories to tell! But, we'll get to those another day.

With all the hapenings in my life, to be honest blogging was in the back (waaaay back) of my mind. I've been taking some time to adjust to having a baby in the house again and it's been pretty fun! I was't going to start blogging again until baby was about 10 months old, but I've truly missed it. PLUS, my hubby gave me a reason to blog!

If your hubby is anything like mine, he supports the family, he's a great husband and father. He makes the best waffles for breakfast, he always tells you how beautiful you are and......he never knows where anything is. I get it! I'm a full-time homemaker, so of course I usually know where everything is.

Sometimes, he'll ask where something is and I'll know exactly where it is. Sometimes I just know approximately where it is. I'll say, "it's in the cabinet closest to the fridge". He'll look and say "no it isn't". Which makes me go and show him where it is and say, "its right here. If it was a snake, it would have bit cha". We laugh about it and go about our day. But, today the joke was on me!

I'm sitting in the middle of the floor (because I'm a jungle gym for baby, duh) surrounded my a million toys (ok, maybe 10). Baby is recovering from a cold, so I needed the "suckerupanator" for his nose... you know what I'm talking about! Hubby had cleared baby's nose last, so I asked him where it was. He says, "it's down there with you....if it was a snake, it would've bit cha". I could NOT find that thing! I casually look up at hubby who is watching me. I say, "honey its not down here"...he says, "it's not?  That's funny because things always appear when you say it! I laughed so hard! I love that man so much!

Has something like this ever happened to you? Do share

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