Thursday, May 7, 2015

A Birth Story To Remember (Part 1)

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   I can tell you from experience that every birth is different, but this time it was Super-Natural! It was everything I prayed for.....except for one thing. God had his own agenda on how He would answer my prayers....He showed us His humorous side.

   September 9, 2014: It was a beautiful day. The sun was beaming on me as I sat, rocking gently in my favorite chair on the porch. Watching the kids play outside with friends was one way to get some "me" time and still be able to watch my babies laugh. This day was much like the others. I had been contracting all day, sporadically of course. I was just six days away from my due date and this momma was Tired (do you see that capital "T"?)! Although, I was truly ready for this pregnancy to be over with, I was trying not to think about it,which was a piece of cake (yeah, right).

   Just three weeks prior, Dr. Cansler (the best in the, seriously!) she told me, and I quote "Your cervix is as soft as butta. When this baby comes, its gonna come QUICK"! So, from the moment I heard those words, I thought "YES let's do this! A week went by and there I was, still pregnant. Yeah, yeah, yeah. I know I still had plenty of time left, but this was the first time I went full-term and was READY TO POP!

    As I was sitting on the porch, the contractions picked up a bit. They were about 15-20 minutes apart, but I was crusin' through those babies. I was able to walk and talk, so I didn't get excited. You learn not to get excited after you get sent home on false labor charges. It was getting pretty hot outside, so I invited the kids and their friends inside to play with Legos. Hubby was texting me from work every five minutes (exaggeration) to check on me. He worked just a few minutes from home and his boss knew that he could become "Superman" at the blink of an eye!

  My dear friend Moe, lives across the street and was also checking on me through text. Our conversations went something like:

Mo: hey....are you having contractions over there?

Me: yeah, but I'm good tho

Mo: how far apart?

Me: like 15-20min

Mo: when does the dr want you to go in?

Me: When they are consistent for at least an hour

Mo: Christy, it's been 2 hours!

Me: yeah, but I don't wanna get sent home

Mo: When does Jay get off?

Me: at 8

Mo: call him NOW!

Me: I'm gonna wait a lil while longer

Mo: wrong answer. I'm coming over!

It was about 5 p.m. now, and the contractions were a bit stronger than before. I had to breathe through them a little bit. But there I was in my living room watching six kids build to their imagination's extent. Mo was standing there watching me
go through another one just to make sure I was OK. She took her boys home and told me to leave the door unlocked. Just in case she needed to get in quick. I was in chill mode, but little did I know, I was also in labor!

Come back next week for part 2! I wanna tell you what happened next!

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