Wednesday, May 13, 2015

A Birth Story To Remember (Part 2)

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   Every now and then, I read a blog entry (or see a movie)  and in it, a woman that always knows exactly when she's in true labor due to her "instincts". All the while, I sit back and think, "geesh I've done this a few times and I still can't pinpoint it". Maybe it's my high tolerance for pain or maybe I'm just a weirdo (I'm actually fine with either of those), but where's my instinct? Did I loose it in the large bowl of chocolate ice-cream or deep down in at the bottom of the cookie jar? (don't judge me). Maybe, I lost it when I got that prenatal foot massage. Either way it goes, I didn't have it....or maybe I did and was doing everything perfectly right.

   With less than a week left for my due date to arrive, I began to think maybe baby didn't want to come out! I had tried everything to get things going. I did lots of walking (more like wobbling), drank lots of water, lost of "indoor sports" with hubby....I even demanded the baby to come out, but he was proving to be very disobedient! The waiting game had started to take an effect on the entire family. Hubby had a hard time being comfortable at work and the kids were ready to meet their baby brother. Not to mention that I was getting daily calls from family that wanted to know if there was any action yet.

   It was about 9 p.m. and hubby was just getting home from a long day's work. I warmed up his dinner and sat with him. We chatted about our day (as if we hadn't been texting all day long) and joked about what if's. What if the baby is actually due in October? What if it's really a girl? What if it's twins? What if I went into labor tonight? 

   That's the one thing I dreaded! I did NOT want to go into labor in the middle of the night. I know I have no control of that happening, but it would be such an inconvenience, right? So I had my fingers crossed reaaaaal tight!

   Once we decided to go to bed, I did my Preggo-Pilates, played a few games on my phone and dozed off into a nice deep sleep. I was sleeping so good! It was the best rest I'd had in about, oooohh, 6 months or so.

   I had the sweetest dream. You see, about a year prior, I lost my great grandmother. We called her "Granny". She was the sweetest little old lady. I was dreaming that I was caring for her. She was sitting in her big, blue, comfy chair, looking at me with her sweet gummy smile. I took a quilt and lay it over her, tucking her in gently. As I stepped away, I felt a "BIG ONE"....I was having a contraction in my dream! It was so real, that when I opened my eyes.....IT WAS STILL GOING! I gripped the sheets a little and tried to control my breathing. Once it was over, I walked down stairs to, you know the drill, "empty my bladder, drink some water and walk a few rounds in the living room". I took a peek at the microwave as I guzzled water. It was 5:45 a.m. I felt well rested, but thought I should lay down for a while. I began walking up the stairs, but half-way comes another one. I couldn't lift my left leg. So I gripped the banister until it was over. I finished my trek upstairs, laid down and whipped out my phone. "Time to start timing". My even, heavy breathing woke up hubby.

 " ok?"

"Yeah, but these contractions are really good", I say laughing.

By this time, I'd had, oooh about five contractions and I had to take a trip to the bathroom. But this trip to the lou was a bit different. I lost my mucus plug and began having very loose stool.

"I'm just gonna start getting ready, just in case this is the real thing", I say ever so calmly.

He jumped into action! I tell you the truth, if you have never seen your husband move fast after you ask him to do something, try saying "it's time" like a charm (if you're pregnant of course).

   He woke the kids up, called his parents, packed his bag (he was the only one that hadn't packed yet). I, on the other hand was brushing my teeth when I felt another one coming. I had to brace myself over the small turquoise table in the kitchen and stomp my leg until it was over. All along I had the toothbrush hanging in my mouth. I did that about three more times, because now they were coming like a freight train and more like every 5-7 minutes. Chu-Chuuuuu!

"Babe, are we gonna make it to the hospital?", hubby asked. He saw how zoned out I was.

"Can you drive?", I strangely responded....I mean, what kind of question is that? What my mind actually meant was, "are you going to be able to drive fast?"

And that is when I knew for sure that I was about to have this baby!

Come back next week for part 3. You're not gonna believe what happens next!

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