Monday, April 1, 2013

Lesson #1: Modesty


 Modesty? Are you kidding me? I'm not dressing like that! Why do you have that on? Are you Amish or something? Your hair is pretty, why do you always have it covered?

That's often what I hear from my family and friends. It's annoying as all get out, but I have to humble myself. Why is it annoying? Well, before I was a follower of Christ I NEVER practiced modesty. I was the one that people shook their head at because my clothes were too tight, my mid-drift was showing, my cleavage was a part of every outfit and I wore tons of jewelry to make sure I was noticed. 

 I'm a totally different person now! I make sure my clothes are not tight or too short. I shop for clothes that will not expose my cleavage or draw attention. Why? Because I'm a woman that worships the Lord with my entire being. I strive to mirror Him in all the fruits I bear and I recognize scripture as authority. 

   Teaching modesty to my daughter is one of my top priorities and being an example is one of the best ways to teach. Let's face it, our children only do what they learn and most of what they know comes from us...their parents. You know that old saying, "the apple doesn't fall far from the tree"? Well, we all know that to be a very true statement. So, if our duty, as parents, according to scripture, is to lay a foundation for our children, then we must be sure that the foundation is strong and packed with the traditions of God. 

   People often tell me that kids need mentors, OK that's all fine and dandy, but when choosing a mentor, one must be VERY careful! Fruit that the mentor bears will eventually show up in your child. So, I won't allow someone that is continually practicing sin or does not practice modesty to mentor my children, and I don't feel bad about it. My job is to be a good godly mother, so I can really care less about how someone feels as a result of my decisions. 
 Am I being realistic, YES! Would you allow your children to be mentored my a murderer? Then why would you allow them to be mentored by someone that does not practice things that God deems mandatory? Is it still not murder?

  I enjoy practicing modesty, as it allows me not to be worried about the world and how I am viewed by it....because I'm not of it. I'm here to serve and please the Lord and whatever pleases Him, I will do. 

Do you practice modesty? 

If so, how do you deal with negative things people have to say? 

If not, why?

Here are some good sites I found about modesty:


  1. Modesty Is so Important! Young girls think that in order to be sexy they have to have on tight and revealing clothing! So not true! At some point I think we have all been there , at least I have. But Now it time to hold to the scriptures, Titus 2: 1-6 tell us how we should be an example for our younger men and women. So I never look down my short fat nose when I see a young woman that does not know better, I try to encourage her and be the best example! Good Post

    1. Thank you Donna. You brought up a great point about not looking down on those that do not know better, and yes we all have been there. I believe that everyone deserve the grace of Christ and a chance to be conformed to Him...You also pointed out another great scripture that fits well.

  2. Yup, been there, too. And I do have to remember where I come from when I see other young women dressing that way. I try to keep my mouth shut and be a quiet example in that respect.

    1. Yes! A quiet example is the perfect wording! Thank you :)