Monday, April 15, 2013

Look What I've Got!

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I can't be happier! I was nominated, not once, but twice in the same day (doing the happy dance)! Allow me to be honest with ya', until I was nominated I had NO idea what this award was about....I mean No idea! Luckily, these lovely ladies that were so kind to nominate me...Shout out to ~Un Super Mom~ you can see her and her beautiful family over at  And to The Resourceful Mama over at  where you can see the busy life of a full time mama and a full time computer programmer from Connecticut . Ladies, you guys are awesome! I had a wonderful time reading your post and I'm honored to have been on your list. Thank you. 

What is a Liebster Award?
Ok in a nutshell it goes like this:

not my image
Cool right!
So, now I've gotta get busy with 11 facts about myself, Answer the questions asked by the lovely ladies mentioned above and then nominate 11 blogs. But in all fairness, since I was nominated twice, I'm going to nominate 22 other blogs! Whoop-Whoop!....OK, here goes...

11 Facts about Me:
  1. When I was 7, I had surgery to have a needle removed from my knee....My mom was a seamstress lol
  2. I really enjoy doing arts & craft projects
  3. I don't like touching cotton balls (long story...if you want to know, ask me)
  4. I wear a size 4 in shoes
  5. My favorite color is pink
  6. I have never flown a kite and it actually worked lol
  7. I'm married to my best friend and pastor
  8. I am a part-time vegetarian...what's that you ask? I Only eat meat if I know where it came from and how it was fed and treated.
  9. I make my own deodorant
  10. I have a pet turtle named Philippe 

Questions from the ladies

1. When do you find the time to blog? I usually blog either early in the morning or late at night....or whenever my kiddos are asleep lol

 2. If you could be any animal, what would it be and why? I would be an Elephant....and honestly I don't have any other reason, but this one....because they are so flippin' cute!

 3. Describe what you feel when you see your favorite color? When I see my favorite color I feel pretty

 4. What is your favorite television show? My Favorite show is Bazaar Foods, it's fun to watch....oh and I also like Duck Dynasty!

 5. What one thing would you like your children to take into adulthood? Their passion to be more like Christ. If they can hold on to Him, everything else will fall into place.

 6. What does you family think of your blog? the one's that follow seem to really enjoy it, but many of my family members are really not interested in homeschooling...booooo lol

 7. What would your dream vacation be? ooooo, my dream vaca?.....Let's see...I would love to visit Italy, that would be amazing!

 8. What is your favorite midnight snack? It's either Moose Tracks ice cream or vanilla yogurt with granola and peaches....yum, yum (checks the clock to see if it's snack time yet)

 9. What daily chore do you despise the most? I absolutely despise folding clothes and putting them away! I need a robot for that job lol

 10. What advice would you give to a first time blogger? I would tell the first time blogger to become a reader, read other blogs, make blog friends, ask questions and be real about who you are. Real people like to follow real people.

 11. If you had 3 wishes what would you wish for? I would wish for world peace, hunger to disappear , and for everyone to make it to Heaven.

That was fun...
Now, Questions from The Resourceful Mama

1. What is the one thing you want to be remembered for? I want to be remembered for being a good mother, wife, sister and friend. And I want all to remember my love for the Lord.

2. What is your favorite food and why? I love veggie tacos because they are amazingly great and healthy at the same time...can't beat that!

3. Who is your role model? My role model is Christ. Every day I strive more and more to be like Him. 

4. If you're a parent what is the one thing you enjoy the most about parenthood?  If you're not a parent, what is the one thing you enjoy the most about not having kids? I'm a mama to 3 of the craziest, funniest, lovable kiddos I know! And the most enjoyable part is watching them become who they will be for the rest of their lives and being able to have a hand in the process is priceless!

5. What is your favorite book and why? My favorite book is the Bible, because it's my road map for life.

6. If you could have dinner with one person in history who would it be and why? Hummmmmm.....I would have dinner with Hitler so I could try talking him out of such an awful deed.

7. What is your best childhood memory? My best childhood memory is my mother. She always provided and was a great influence of who I am today.

8. High heels or flats? LOL I used to be "all heels" even when I was cleaning, now I'm all flats. I don't know if it's because I had kids or what! I like being comfy lol

9. To date, what is your greatest life accomplishment? My greatest accomplishment in life is accepting Jesus Christ into my life and living a life that is pleasing to him...not an easy task, but a task I was willing to take head me a conquer!

10. Where is your favorite place to be? My favorite place to be is wherever my family is...that's the truth.

11. What is your favorite television show? LOL I have two! Duck Dynasty and Bazaar Foods!

Boy, Oh, Boy....I did it! I answered all the questions!

Drum Roll Please........Now, for the list of blogs that I nominate for the Liebster blog Award goes to........

  1. Before You Tuck Me In
  2. Kidcrossing Barefoot
  3. At My Counter
  4. Creative Mess
  5. The Busy Bee's
  6. A Little This A Little That
  7. Ahoy Maties!!!
  8. Angi's Place
  9. Around The Homestead 
  10. Between Two Rams
  11. Crazy Little Lovebirds
  12. Home *School* Home 
  13. In the Shadows of Life
  14. Kickbutt's Crazy Lapbooks
  15. Life With Four Boys...Coffee Please
  16. Mom And Monster
  17. Night Owl Venting
  18. Our Birth Journeys
  19. Peters Peapod
  20. Stairsteps Academy
  21. The Pursuit Of Normal
  22. The Southern Northerner 
There you have it! Congrats nominees! This is my way of saying, "You blog is pretty darn cool". If you would like to participate, post 11 facts about yourself, answer the following questions, choose 11 of your favorite blogs and ask them questions and Share the by following each nominee! 
 Please answer the following questions

  1. Who or what is you inspiration?
  2. What is the first thing you do when you wake up?
  3. How do you handle a stressful day?
  4. What book do you recommend all parents read to their children?
  5. When the kids go to bed what do you do?
  6. What is one thing about your past you wish you could change?
  7. If you had a million dollars, what would you buy?
  8. Why did you start blogging?
  9. Are you going to follow all the award nominees?
  10. What is one thing you hope you children remember about you?
  11. How would you define your character?
 Ok Ladies! You've got some work to do! I had such a blast sharing the love with the Liebster Blog Award and it feels good passing it on. We put in so much work with our blogs and a little pat on the back never hurt anyone ;)

~Teacher Momma~

P.S. Make sure you link back to me when you're done so I can view your answers :)


  1. I definitely feel honored. This is my 10th time having this award. WOW. Thanks so much hunny. and loving the music and to think I took mine off b/c someone didnt like it. WTF was I thinking. I'm adding it back. Thanks for the inspiration hun. I'm gonna follow you if I'm not already. hope you're following me.

    1. Wow! your 10th know that means you're pretty awesome right! And yeah, add your music back, your blog, your rules :) I hope you enjoy sharing the Liebster love

  2. Congrats to you, winner!! Homeschool is such an exciting journey. Not sure if you know this, but I have my credential in secondary social sciences and my MEd in Curriculum Design and I taught homeschool for the most beautiful, inspiring, Jesus-filled group of families for 4 years. It was an amazing blessing to see these moms who had homeschooled independently and as a co-op. Their love of learning and the Lord was inspiring. I was so blessed to be hired on by them to walk these kids through middle school. Each one blessed my socks off! They are now finishing up their sophomore years in college! How is that possible since I'm still so young? haha! And 2 of the girls are still dear friends of mine. We chate, text, FB and hang out whenever they are home for break. Truly a blessing and I feel it's an honor to have been and still be in their lives.
    Go Homeschool!!!

    1. What a wonderful story, thanks for sharing Vicky. I'm glad to share the Liebster award with you because in reality we are all winners and that's why the Liebster award just keeps going! I hope you can participate and share the love.
      Blessings :)

  3. You may have to remind me when you come by. Trying to get this post up and I've done everything but the 11 questions for you. Heck people are doubling how many they do. the nominees and all. I'm not doing 110 b/c well I have had this 10 times. LOL Music rocks and yea I guess my haters are just jealous. Thanks for your sweet comments. and for once someone who comments back.

    1. LOL No worries, it took me a few days to get it done, but I'll make sure to give you a lil' nudge

  4. I'll have it done tonight and gonna try and remember to post the music. Maybe I'll add more songs. All depends. Funny how folks fussed b/c of the music and mostly it was all Christian music. Wow huh? Thanks for your positive and uplifting comments. I definitely can use more positive and Christians and uplifting people on my blog instead of those that put me down b/c I blog too long or say something they dont like. Or post about Jesus alot.

    1. You're welcome sweetpea. People only fuss at God's word and our worship because they are ignorant to His glory. Don't let it get to you. Continue to be a light for Jesus, He's the only one you truly need to please.

    2. Tried to email you again silly me didnt remember I got the no reply thing the 1st time and tried again not thinking. Told ya my mind isnt right. LOL.

    3. Ok, I went to your page & tried to view them, it then said the messages would be re routed to my email, so I'm just waiting on them now :)

  5. and where's your social media info? twitter, facebook and watever else.

    1. Hey, hey! I have a little FB like button at the top right underneath my twitter feed! I need to learn how to get those cute buttons like you have!

  6. You're awesome! I've only ever gotten one other blog award so this feels great.

    I'm going to get this done tomorrow since I finally got this kid down and I want to take as much sleep as I can grab onto. ;)

    1. I'm glad you're going to share the love! And finally getting the kid down does indeed equal sleep. Can't wait to see your post!

    2. Done! Sorry it took me so long. It's here

  7. You did an amazing job answering all 22 questions! I loved reading all of your answers and learning more about you.

    Now, I must ask why don't you like touching cotton balls? You wear a size 4 shoe? Wow! Please share your recipe for making your own deodorant. Better yet, write a blog post about it!

    1. Oh thank you Resourceful Mama! It was a lot to do, but it was so much fun! When I was a small girl, I had 3 older sisters and 2 of them had gone to a school carnival. They came back home with some cotton candy. Me being the youngest, was begging for some and they decided to trick me and give me pulled cotton balls instead. They feel bad about it now lol And yes I do wear a size 4 shoe lol My dh calls them nubs lol, but I'm only about 5 ft so it doesn't look so odd. I'm gonna take your advice and do a post about the deodorant!

  8. Wow you make your own deodorant.

  9. Christy, thank you so much! I'm honored and I have to say, I'm not surprised you were nominated twice!
    Unfortunately, I feel like I should decline. I've been nominated before and participated, but seeing that I haven't been blogging lately, I feel like I shouldn't accept.

    1. You're very welcome doll, and it doesn't matter if you haven't been blogging lately, your blog is cool, so get over it lol Come on, have some fun and share the love!

  10. Thanks for the nomination! I've been nominated quit a bit now, and need to find the time to respond to all of my past ones..Again thanks!

    1. You're welcome hun! Congrats in your many nominations, finding the time to respond is a chore, but just do a little per day so you don't get overwhelmed :) And most of all, have fun

  11. congrats on your award!!! I am always interested in bloggers is a great way to "meet" fellow bloggers! a needles in your knee?! Oh have us beet for the most unusual surgery. some of my kids are in public middle school I have to reteach practically everything they learn in school....enjoy homeschooling!!!!!
    I am your newest follower..pls follow back if you can.

    1. Thank you so much for your encouraging words! Yeah, that needle was pretty painful especially when it moved into a vertical position, I'm so grateful for doctors lol. I know exactly what you mean about reteaching everything, I did the same thing when I first began homeschooling. I appreciate your follow and I'm following you too :)

  12. Hello! I'm following from the Blog Hop Till You Drop. I like the music you have playing on your blog :)


    1. Thanks for swinging by Kelly.
      You can come by anytime and listen to my playlist:)

  13. Thanks so much for participating, I really enjoyed reading your entry!

  14. This is awesome! Congrats to you and your newfound stardom. You'll be a celebrity in no time!

    FYI: I'm visiting from the blog hop today. :-)

    1. Awwwww,thank you Lisa. A celebrity? Hahahahaha! We shall see

  15. Loved reading your entry! Hope you'll follow my blog and fan page! and

    I'm a mom entrepreneur writing and illustrating children's books while taking care of my four children. One has type 1 diabetes. She's so strong through her new journey thru life.



  16. Thank you so much stopping by. I've visited your blog and it's super cute! Thanks for the follow and I'll be sure to follow back :)

  17. Christy, Thanks so much for nominating me;) I have finally finished my acceptance here: Now to follow the other nominees...

  18. Ok, As you know I am so behind, trying to start this new business! So Trying to sit down now and get updated with everything! Thanks for nominating me, and congrats to all the other bloggers!

  19. Hello, I just wanted to let you know I didn’t forget that you gave me this award. I am working on this one and 3 others. I will let you know once I am all done. Thank you again for the nomination.

  20. Would love to see you stop by and link up with me.stop by & share with your blog friends.