Sunday, January 8, 2012

Are Your Kids Sociallized?

ARE YOU SEROIUS? I absolutely "despise" that statement when someone questions my homeschooling! first thought is always "Do you think my children are locked away in a closet""?....because it seems as if they are implying so. Instead I respond like this, "My children are very involved with "people" and "other children", the only difference between my kids and yours is that my kids are not only influenced by their "peers", yet they are a great influence on other children. Now before I get stoned to death, allow me to state that I don't think that ALL children in public schools are bad influences (let's get that straight). What I am saying is that public schooled children build character according to the "people" they are around most of the day...their "peers". Since homeschooled children spend more time with their family and other homeschoolers, they are influenced by their "peers" and their "parents". Do you see the difference here?....

Dr. Brian Ray, PH.D. wrote a book called, "Home Educated, Now Adults" where he writes about a series of his own studies pertaining to those that were homeschooled and that are being homeschooled. In his final comment, he makes a great summary of what becomes of a homeschooled child. He says, "The home educated adults in this study were very positive about having been homeschooled and toward homeschooling in general, actively engaged in their local communities, keeping abreast of current affairs, highly and civically involved, tolerant of others expressing their viewpoints, attaining relatively high levels of formal education religiously active and wide-ranging in their worldview beliefs, holding worldview beliefs similar to those of their parents, and largely home educating their own children"......Does that sound like an "unsociallized" person to you?

Teacher Momma"s, don't be intimidated my the "dreaded" question, instead stand strong in what you're doing...You are raising leaders, not followers.


  1. i face this comment, ALOT! especially having a child with a 'documented disability'. i have come to a point in my life where i just say that my kids are being privately taught and privately tutored. soooo many people get the wrong idea about homeschooling because of the few 'small foxes' that have spoiled an otherwise wonderful and strong vine in terms of education. i am way too paranoid and nervous about sending my kids to a public school...even a charter school or a 'christian/catholic school' because, as stated in a previous blog, there's a lot of rapists/molesters/pedophiles in the schools today. too many people, i think, are drawing off their own strength that they 'claim' they are getting from the Lord because they may have assumed that, while in jail or whatnot, that once 'saved' that you can continue being around those things and people that triggered their sinful desires. kids are socialized, heck...a little too socialized, i think,

  2. Well said nappy priestss!...I love when you spoke about previous prisioners (very true), it's a good example of what all Christians must do to remain in the Will of God. We must keep a safe distance from things that in the past has made us a slave to sin so that we won't be tempted to fall back into it.....and LOL your last sentence!