Monday, January 30, 2012

Today's Lesson..."How to Pack a Box"

If there is one thing that just "puts a hole in my boat" it would have to be moving to a new home during school days. For the past 2 weeks or so, we have been packing....and cleaning, thus placing school on the back burner. Our regularly scheduled program has been "waaaaay off track". The kiddo's have been doing some studies when I have the energy. Everyday I have them work independently on "Reading Eggs"  (which is a GREAT program) while we handle some moving crap....And ya' know what? It works for us! There are many times in our homeschooling journey where we will encounter "side tracks" and pieces of our perfect puzzle are all "jacked up", but the most important thing to understand is that, your school is just that....YOUR SCHOOL. When Jesus is the principle of your school, you have to do what He says to do!  So don't feel like a bad parent because school needed to be interrupted due to life...Hey, that's a lesson in itself! Our children have to understand that while school is an important priority, God's perfect Will trumps it all. When we get to our new destination, the puzzle will look much better and God will be pleased ;)


  1. UUGH! Moving! My heart bleeds for you! Hang in there, it'll all be unpacked eventually. ;)

    Came by thru THL.

    Melyssa from

  2. Thanks a bunch meylssa! And guess what? We're done! Woot-Woot!