Thursday, January 19, 2012

"Mom can you spend time with us?"

  Allow me to be honest with you guys...Sometimes it's hard to be a Teacher Momma because we spend all day schooling our beauties and when that's over a done with, I just want a little "me" time. There were a few times I heard my DD say, "mom can you spend time with us?". My thoughts were "really! weren't we just together for 5 hours trying count money"!(although I reluctantly choose to do so)  Then I had to take a step back. My kids need the Teacher and the Momma in me as well. Even though we spend hours together for studies, it's just not the same as "hanging out". I prayed and asked God to forgive me for being so selfish in my thoughts and I also apologized to my children. I NEED my "me" time and they need "me" as Mommy. So from now on, I make it my duty to place my "me" time (alone)  directly after schooling to recoup, relax  and watch a little HGTV so that after dinner I can "hang out" with the kids and not be overwhelmed.

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  1. my 'Big Less' has said the same thing. i take a lesson from you girl...and yeah, i have to try and and consider it from their aspect and do the same. kids...gotta love em'!