Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Do You Convention?

At the beginning of every year, I get lots of e-mail's regarding different homeschool conventions. Sometimes they sound like loads of fun and encouragement, but then I look at the pricing! I understand that people make their living on speaking engagements and the such, but geesh! If you have a homeschool family anything like mine, only one parent is working and you have 3 or more children. Therefore $75-$150 per person to hear some people talk doesn't quite fit the budget....give me a "woot-woot" if you understand me! Don't get me wrong, I adore the folks that create such an encouraging environment for us (not to mention, they want you to buy their books, Cd's and video's too.....ie: No one can afford to eat while at the convention and screw the trip to Wisconscon Dells), but my question is IS IT WORTH THE MONEY? Have you & your family been to any convention? What did you get from it & what was the cost? If my accusations are wrong, please enlighten me. Honestly, I would like to attend a homeschool convention one day...Just need a bit more convincing.


  1. Oh, I've always been interested in going to a convention, I just don't have any idea where to find one now that we've moved! Thanks for your comment by the way. :)


  2. i haven't really heard of any conventions (or rather, i don't 'remember' hearing about them)...but you're right...just about everything has a price attached to it. honestly, we're broke...we can't really afford to do things like this. it would be nice to find something cheap/free...or heck, let's trying throwing/hosting our own FREE/very reasonable convention...we can call it 'homeschooling on a BUDGET: how to homeschool your family and be 'frugal' about it!'

  3. Thanks Katie and you are very welcome ;)

  4. NappyPriestess that's not a bad Idea...hummmmmmm....thoughts are a rollin :)

  5. As one who plans one of those $75+ dollar conventions, I do understand! I encourage you to check out your state's convention anyway (they are the ones that cost more because they are non-profits). Your presence goes a long way in encouraging those who work behind the scenes throughout the year protecting homeschooling rights, encouraging homeschoolers via the phone and internet, speaking at no charge to groups, etc. The ticket costs help with the expenses of 24/7 watch in the state house, office needs, and printing. So, the cost of a mega convention might be appealing, but saving to attend your state org's is a way better savings in the long run.

    Being in the atmosphere of so many other people who are trying to teach at home and train godly children is a huge blessing, too!

    Katie - you can find a list of conventions in your area here: http://americanhomeeducation.org/.

    Christy - doing a small, local event is really not difficult at all and something worth considering for those who simply can not attend a larger one due to time, travel, etc. If you need any tips, feel free to contact me.

    from THL
    P.S. - Great Button! :-)

  6. Thanks a bunch Jen! I like tips