Wednesday, January 11, 2012

What's Your Style?

  Each family has their own Homeschool method. Some parents are really organized and keep to a strict plan while others "shoot from the hip". Some families follow The Charlotte Manson Method or the Montessori Method. There are many ways to Homeschool and I believe that there is only one "wrong" way of doing it (not doing it at all). So, I want to hear from you guys. What's your style and how has it worked for your family?

P.S. Check out this link for a list of the more popular Homeschooling Methods


  1. i've tried SEVERAL styles...right now, we're trying the 'one major subject a month'-concentration deal, with every-day basics to go along with it. and i'm going to do it in a 'rotational' type of way...i've broken the subjects up into 5 major subjects:

    each month, i try to do a field trip revolving around that month's subject...and we do the particular subject for the first part of class...then in the second part we do math, reading, book reports and other things like that. i'm not going to 'bother' with devoting too much time on things like spelling, writing, phonics, etc. because all of those things are being covered no matter what we're i don't think there's a need to devote a lot of time to things like this. i think it will take away (too much) from the overall day! i try to shoot for being done with school at about 4-6ish (if sooner, than great!).

    oh, we start school (generally) around 12noon.

  2. I like how you switch subject by the month and I LOVE how you are honest about what time your schooling begins. Some parents think that in order to have a "perfect" (yeah right) homeschool, we must wake up at the crack of dawns behind! Somtimes I don't get started till noon too. It's not about when you start, it's what you do from start to finish....I'm babbling lol