Saturday, January 28, 2012

A Love For Reading

No matter what the weather may be, my kiddo's love to be outdoors. Most of the time I have an activity planned like football, soccer, jump-rope, sidewalk chalk...but other times we just "go outside". My daughter, Princess Pooh (7yrs. old), loves to read, especially if it's Junie B. Jones. She enjoys reading so much that she would rather read during outside playtime! Someone once asked me, "don't you think you should make her play?"......"No way", I replied. When children find a love for reading it should never be taken away from them. Yes, she loves to play....and she plays "plenty", but when she's in the middle of a good book she just can't put it down. Encourage your children to read no matter where they are, even if it is outside sitting on a school bus:)

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