Saturday, January 21, 2012

Great Free Field Trip!

   Last week our homeschool group took a trip to Cabela's! It was so very awesome and it was also FREE! We received a grand tour of the large store, sat in a fancy-smansy boat, fudge samples, learned about different animals, went on a scavenger hunt, won prizes and received a boat load of tokens for the fun non-real shooting gallery. We spent hours there! Our tour guide" Jillian" and she was awesome. She was so patient with the kids ( even when the youngest kid was calling china on her phone). Se answered all our questions and encouraged safety while camping, boating and fishing. So if you are looking for a fun field trip for your homeschoolers, check out the Cabela's in your area. If you live near northwestern Indiana, check out the one in Hammond, In.( you will find Jillian there) www.cabela' have a great trip!

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